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  1. Brands:
  2. Cipa
  3. CerCol
  4. Naxos
  5. Versace
  6. Porcelaingres
  7. Century
  8. Fiandre
  9. Gardenia Orchidea
  10. Evolizioni

Porcelain is made from a clay that has a paste-like quality and is fired at high temperatures. The process was first mastered in China in the 1300s, and produces the white, glass-like, finish that we associate with porcelain.

Porcelain tiles are used in many different applications. They can be used on floors and walls, both indoors and out. They are excellent in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is a problem, because they are naturally water-resistant. These tiles are also very beautiful and come in an array of colors, styles, and sizes. Porcelain makes extremely durable flooring as can be attested to by ancient mosaic floors that still look lovely centuries after they were installed.

Our company and starting from the importance of porcelain in our lives granted top quality porcelain products enabling you to find everything you need in same place.