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Home Furniture

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Modern methods of furniture construction are largely based on the availability of man-made materials such as reliable plywood, laminated board, chipboard, and hardboard as distinct from natural solid wood. It is not merely that manufacturers prefer the one to the other but rather that these substances are free from the great drawback fundamental to wood—movement. Natural wood shrinks as it dries or swells as it absorbs moisture from an atmosphere more humid than itself, and this movement must be allowed for in the method of construction.

We have always been committed to offer furniture kits for the home and office well designed, safe and with a very good quality and price.

To achieve this result, we offer several lines of furniture for home and office, both assembled, and knocked-down (KD).


Home Furniture

KD furniture kit is supplied in flat-packs containing assembling instructions and everything you need for assembling, furnishing individually your master bedroom, your room for kids, living room or bathroom.

We offer home furniture for: Kitchen, Living room, Sleeping Area, children’s room, office and bathroom