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  • Origin: Italy
  • Founded :1977
  • Website :
  • Category : Adhesives for ceramic tiles and natural stones

Established in 1977 in Sassuolo, in the heart of Italy's ceramic-producing area, CERCOL's business purpose has always been to interpret the technical and technological evolutions of the building industry. Right from the very time it was founded, the company has conducted research into building materials and the technological developments applied to them as construction methods have evolved to suit modern living.

An advanced manufacturing organization based on methodical quality controls of the raw materials allows a highly trained in-company technical department to obtain products of the top-most quality at absolutely competitive prices. In 1997, CERCOL opened a second facility situated in Onda - Castellon, Spain: another fundamental area for ceramic production. Thanks to its widespread sales organization, CERCOL IBERIA holds a position of leadership in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.



Research and development are of prime importance for CERCOL. The corporate philosophy is thus based on innovation and continuous control, the aim being to create new, environmentally sustainable products with the lowest possible emissions of volatile organic substances that are safe for both tile layers and end users.